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A traveled New England native has returned home. 
Eric Johnson, an idol of his, made him consider and ultimately choose Austin, TX as a place to expand his musical endeavors. Eric Lived there for over a decade.  In many ways, Austin was an eye-opening experience fraught with successes, failures and adventures too numerous to account.  

      Eric has continued to passionately chase his love for music. Working with excellent blues and jazz musicians from across the country, Eric has recorded a variety of blues, jazz, pop, swing, and hybrid music. Mike Kindred, blues piano virtuoso and composer of multi-platinum SRV hit “Cold Shot,” has called Eric “a sure and original blues voice,” and “prodigiously talented.”

     "A traveled New England Native has                         returned home"

     "A traveled New England Native has                         returned home"


     A strong believer in the philosophies of the Martial Arts, Eric strives to create music in a similar manner to how he lives his life: with graciousness, hard work, and empathy. This philosophy has pushed Eric to constantly improve his craft, to only release music he feels passionate about, and to surround himself with people who share similar core values. At times, this discriminating approach has made the process more difficult, but much like the Masters Eric admires, he believes little good will come from chasing a goal that is not his own.

" nothing could have prepared him for the unusual and frequently surreal experience"

   While sitting in with American soul and blues singer Malford Milligan, Eric was asked to stay in Austin to record his third album, Eric and the Wreckage.  This process was interrupted when Buddy Miles appeared looking for a backing band  . At this point, Eric had already been playing live music for fifteen years, but nothing could have prepared him for the unusual and frequently surreal experience of spending time on the road with an established act like Buddy Miles. In 2007, Eric toured with the legendary musician, traveling across America’s west coast and showcasing his own incredible guitar and vocal skills to enthusiastic Audiences nearly every night.  When he finished his time on the tour, Eric knew he needed to continue playing live music.  He just wanted to do so closer to the land of his birth.  He returned to New England from Austin and threw himself into it’s scene.    As time consuming and sometimes illusive as the artist’s life is, Eric wouldn’t trade it for anything. He likes to say that he’s attempted to break up with music twice, but as the great Al Pacino said, “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in!” It’s real love.

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